6 Months of Singleness – Week 3

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3 weeks into the new year and yes folks, I am still “single”. It is very interesting – the way things are playing out in my life. I also must admit that the fact that I have been in control of my emotions when connecting with men has been somewhat empowering…freeing. It also has, in a way, had me concerned – thinking I would have some issue allowing myself to be attached in such a strong way – emotionally – with someone else. I started to feel like some young guy who starts chatting with different girls, and just blows them off when he is no longer interested.

6 Months of Singleness – Week Two


So, two weeks into the new year and yes folks, I am STILL single. :) I must admit that my eagerness to want to actually be in love with a man again has calmed some. I’m actually enjoying time with myself more. I enjoy sitting and thinking…and being unbothered. (Just being honest.) There is still that part of me that wants to share my love with someone else in a romantic way. However, I don’t want to lose myself in love again. In my relationships, while I am still “myself”, I often tend to the needs of the man in my life and neglect my own self. Right now, I am happy to just love on ME and chill out…sometimes doing not much of anything but smiling about actually still being here (having overcome so much).

10 of My Favorite Shots: Ayana Elon Photography

Tyler Bend, Buffalo National River (Arkansas)

I have loved to take photographs for many years. Also, I absolutely love looking at life through the lens of others. Photography captures moments in time and things that sometimes speak without saying a word. In 2014 and 2015, I captured some awesome shots of mostly places we traveled from Florida to California. On this page, you will find 10 of my favorites. Sometimes soon I will add more, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these.

Some of the Lessons I Learned in 2015!


Last month, I signed-up to be a part of the Love Your Life More Private Mastermind 2016 that Nakeia C. Homer is hosting for a group of ladies. I won’t go into specifics, especially because I agreed not to share certain things that are meant for the group only, but I will share one of the assignments I submitted. Below, you will find SOME of the lessons I learned last year that will help me make this year so much BETTER! Initially, I did not want to do this assignment, but we are instructed not to SKIP STEPS and I knew in order to go to the next step, I had to complete this one first.

Bad Personal Credit?

If you have bad personal credit and are worried you will not be able to establish credit for your business or ministry, you can stop worrying now! When establishing business credit, your social security number is not required. THAT IS CORRECT! You CAN get business credit regardless of what your personal credit looks like. I … [Read more…]

Join Me For The IDIN Smoothie Cleanse

Joining us for the IDIN Smoothie Cleanse is a way to a better, healthier you. We begin with a 14 day liquid cleanse then transition into a healthier lifestyle. This is NOT a DIET. We want you to live a healthier life and in order to do that, you must change the way you eat and drink. You also need to make other steps to ensure you will live a vibrant life. Here, you will find inspiration and encouragement from others in a positive environment.